Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome to Ms. G. and Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

First off, we are lucky to have an addition to our classroom. This time, it's not a new student we're welcoming, but a new student teacher! Her name is Ms. G. and she'll be with us until mid May.

Before we started to read Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, we took a closer look at the predictions we made last class and we developed a short list of expectations for actors and audience members. There are pictures included in this blog entry of last class' prediction brainstorm, a picture of the list of predictions that I pulled from your brainstorm, and a snapshot of the expectations you all set forth for actors and audience members.

Also, I developed a list of lead roles and understudy roles for you all. Everyone made a bookmark and copied down assigned roles so that you won't forget which characters you've been assigned.

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