Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Webquest Quiz and Predictions: Romeo & Juliet

The first order of business today was to complete the webquest quiz. This quiz was made up of questions that you all wrote and sent to me via email. I compiled your questions into a quiz. You all needed to use one another's blog entries to find the answers to the quiz questions. Once you were done, you sent them to me via email.

After the quiz was sent to me, I asked you to use your knowledge of the Elizabethan time period to make a prediction about what might happen in Romeo and Juliet. Though the first round of predictions were not so accurate, we completed a second round and made some clear, informative predictions. We'll have to check back to see if your predictions come true.

We started the prologue activity, where you cut up the couplets contained in the prologue and piece them into an order that makes sense. We will start our next class together with this activity and make some additional predictions.

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