Thursday, March 26, 2009

Merchant of Venice: End Act I & Start Act II

We accomplished quite a bit in today's class. First, we had some SSR time and got some answers from Ms. G. about her life. After this, we moved on to reading more from the Merchant of Venice. We picked up on page twenty seven and read to page fifty nine. I have to say some of you are developing some pretty impressive acting skills!

After reading, you all completed an "exit ticket" quickie quiz (if you were absent, the questions are posted in this BLOG entry). This type of quiz is in lieu of a reading guide quiz. Ms. G. and I are going to try this method and see if we can use it to replace reading guides altogether.

At the end of class, we revisited some of the predictions you made before reading any of the play. You already feel that the first few are accurate. There are others that you're not seeing, but we'll have to wait to see whether or not they come true!

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