Monday, April 27, 2009

The Acrostic Elegy

Today we wrote an acrostic elegy in class. This is an acrostic poem (one that spells something with the first letter of each line down the side of the poem) but it focuses on someone or something that has been lost or who has died. This does not need to be a person. It could be about a pet, or something you have loved and lost. It could even be about a big change in your life like a divorce or moving to a new home.

Here is an example:

Walter Payton Forever

Why did you have to leave this cruel world
And the sport that you have
Loved for so long
That you have considered it your life for
Eternity and when you always
Run for a touchdown all the
People in the crowd
All cheer together that
You were the best player ever
To play the sport
Of football and any player that got in your way
Never could stop "The Fridge"

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