Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beginning the Vignette Project

Today we began the vignette project that will accompany our reading of The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.

A vignette is "a short descriptive literary sketch ". It is like a short scene and generally focuses on one specific memory or moment. Because a vignette is so short, it helps so use rich, descriptive words. We talked about this and thought of some examples.
In class, we wrote about an everyday experience. Some examples were lunch at school, getting your first job, your first home and looking at clouds. We wrote a quick, short scene on a note card detailing this one moment in time.

Next, we wrote about an experience that is not so everyday. This is an experience that is unique to your life. This could be dealing with a possessive / jealous boyfriend or girlfriend, being somewhere where you don't speak the language, feeling endangered, or seeing a parent cry for the first time.

We wrote these mini-vignettes on note cards and read them to each other. We will continue this next class.

Words that could describe the school lunch in the picture: mushy, gloppy, putrid, slop-like, pungent, slippery, spongy, and choking. These are good descriptive words to use in a vignette.

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