Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Tragic End of Romeo and Juliet

We finished Romeo and Juliet today. The lovers have met their fate (we finally get to see what the prologue told us would happen!) and many others have come to an untimely end.

When we finished we took a test over the book.
There were four sections:
1.) Matching -- who lives in what house?

2.) Quotes -- respond to quotes and tell what was happening in the play at this time

3.) Identify -- identify literary terms

4.) Vocab -- Write an acrostic poem or paragraph using 3 -5 vocab words

On the right of this picture you can see an acrostic poem started. It spells "Tybalt" down the side and each letter is used to begin a line about the character.

Reminder: If you haven't brought in a binder already we must have these by Thursday or it will reflect in your grade!

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