Monday, September 21, 2009

Hamlet and Homework Assignment

Much of today's class was spent reading from Hamlet. You all are doing a wonderful job getting in to character and maintaining the emotions of your character(s). We recognized three words that stuck out in today's reading:


We'll add to this list of important words as we read. We also spent a lot of time comparing the words in the original text to those in the translated version. The difference in language led some of you to think that the original is more beautiful and others thought that it was like hearing a foreign language. We'll continue to make these types of comparisons.

We left off in the middle of Act Two, Scene Two. We'll pick up there on Friday.

For homework: Bring in a song for our Sounds of Senior Year CD project. You'll have one from the beginning of the year and one from the end. Make sure that this is a song you can write about in the CD jacket. This due for Friday.

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