Monday, September 28, 2009

Speak and Second Letter

After a short SSR, we read in Speak to page seventy-seven. We listened as Melinda thought about opening up to her parents on Christmas day, but could not muster enough courage to actually do so. We also learned that she's a bit of a basketball prodigy, though she has no actual interest in pursuing that talent.

For our second letter, we imagined that Melinda actually decided to open up to her parent(s) and tell them about what happened that night. In your letter, you may refer to the facts she revealed to us on Christmas day, and you need to have her explain why it took her so long to talk about the night of the rape. The vocabulary words that you have to choose from are:


Please use three of these words in your letter. You may also choose to add-in words from the sophomore vocabulary words. Also, you're welcome to change the form of the words, as in, you could substitute "degrading" for "degraded".

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