Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SSR and Bullying GIST

Here are the expectations for this quarter's SSR:

4 (Exceeds Expectations)= 700 pages
3 (Meets Expectations)=500 pages
2 (Partially Meets Expectations)=300 pages
1 (Does Not Meet Expectations)=100 pages

Now, these page expectations are not the only way you'll be assessed on your SSR performance. The main goal of this project is to get you writing book reviews on your blog. Therefore, I will have Novel Response Sheets ready for you for when you finish your book(s). These are simple, quick sheets that should help you to write a book review blog post for each of your books once we get our new laptops. YOU NEED TO FILL OUT ONE OF THESE NOVEL RESPONSE SHEETS FOR EACH BOOK YOU READ OR THE PAGES WILL NOT COUNT!

Make sure to have an SSR book ready to read for Thursday's class.

* * *
The main activity for today's class was centered around issues of bullying. We read an article as a group and then each of you had a recent (within the past two weeks or so) article that you needed to report out a summary of to the group. For this activity, we did a sort of modified GIST, which is a summary strategy, where you needed to highlight the top five most important words and/ or phrases to go along with your verbal summary of the article you read.

I collected your words and phrases on a chart. We'll use this as we read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, to see if any of the words and phrases relate to our main character's experience of being bullied. Also, we did not quite finish hearing about all of the articles, so we'll (hopefully) finish that part next class. I'll make a wordle from all of the painfully powerful words you're finding in your articles for us to use as a visual while we read and discuss Speak.

Here are links to some of the articles we discussed in class today:

Two moms, two school bullies and two different ways to deal

Fair Haven school bullying case reaches court

Student allegedly bullied by parent

Teenage girl is first to be jailed for bullying on Facebook

Teachers put on leave after bullying supposed gay student

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