Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Newsday Tuesday and The Absolutely True Diary Continued

Because our history and English classes are being taught in a collaborative fashion this year, Ms. Brod and I have decided to institute a new practice that will serve both history and English needs. We're calling this new venture "Newsday Tuesday" and we're going to devote a small amount of time to this practice every Tuesday.

Here's a bit of a breakdown of what you'll all do:

1. Choose a recent copy of Time magazine
2. Find an interesting article, section, quotation, or picture
3. Complete the Newsday Tuesday homework
4. Be ready to talk about/ turn-in your homework sheet every Tuesday in English and history

We may or may not ask you to report out on your readings and summaries. Chances are, though, that a lot of what you find will fit in with what we're talking about any way. Let me know if you have any questions about Newsday Tuesdays.

After looking through all kinds of Time magazines, we worked together to list the regular sections and features of this particular magazine. Why Time? Well, we talked about this in class. You all suggested that it's because Time is a pretty reliable and high-interest magazine. True. I also added that Time comes out every week and that I happen to have a four-year subscription. That definitely helps!

We ended class by reading from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. We talked a lot about poverty in Arnold's life and the rural poverty that we've experienced. We'll continue to talk about this topic next class. We left off on page 130.

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