Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Speak and Letter Three (Rough Draft)

After SSR and a short reading from Speak, we moved on to writing the rough draft for our third letter. This letter is the most important, as it's actually going to be sent to a real person. Additionally, the form of this letter is one that less and less people learn to write nowadays. It's a thank-you letter.

Who are we thanking? We're going to thank Kristen Plummer, a SAVES sexual assault advocate. She came ina nd helped us to prepare for the reading of this book. Now that we've spent some time with Melinda and have heard about her predicament, it's high time that we thanked Kristen for coming in and speaking to us.

Most of you finished your rough draft today. Those of you who did not will have the opportunity to next class. I will not be present next class, as I will be attending a professional development seminar, but we spoke about what you're going to accomplish in my absence. SSR, Speak, and finished rough draft letter. That's all! See you next week!

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