Monday, November 2, 2009

End of Speak and Letter Three

We're finished with Speak. It's our first novel together and I feel like this has been such a positive experience that I cannot wait for our next! After we finished reading, you all had a chance to talk about whether or not you liked this book and what made it a good or bad experience for you. Only one of you thought that the female character was difficult to connect with; the rest of you thought that the structure, the humor, and the realism of this text made it an interesting, enjoyable read. That's good. I'll take your comments into consideration the next time I teach this book. Thanks for your feedback.

After finishing Speak, we started the rough drafting process of our third and final letter in our series. Next class we'll take all three letters and use them to create our poem. Then we just need to create our posters and we should have enough material to create our imovie and upload it to youtube. Awesome!

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