Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Games Wind Down and Up All At Once!

It's official. We have less than one hundred pages to go in The Hunger Games. And, holymoly, do we have a lot to figure out! Today, we read from page 154 to page 197, which may be some sort of record for us. We saw a lot of action. One more tribute has died, though not at Katniss's hands. In fact, Katniss was almost killed twice, but escaped when Tresh pulled Clover off Katniss and then proceeded to bash Clover's head in with a rock. Ouch!

Thresh could have easily killed Katniss, but chose not to after learning of the alliance that she had with Rue. Thresh allowed Katniss to escape with medicine to cure Peeta, though he told her that this was his last kind gesture toward her. We'll have to pick up with this story next week. We are so close to finding out what happens!

Oh, and I found this really cute and funny photo online. It's a "Peeta Cake", replicating how Peeta must have looked when Katniss found him all camouflaged in mud and leaves. Adorable!

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