Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Rural Life 101 Project

In response to Ghetto Life 101, you're all going to pair up and collect interviews, images, and sounds to show the world what it's like to grow up in a rural environment. Just as LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman worked to show the positives and negatives of growing up in the ghetto, you'll show your audience the pluses and minuses of growing up in this area. Rather than just giving as audio presentation, Ms. Petroska (our fearless practicum teacher) plans to have you all use imovie to create a photostory.

Though you'll be provided with set of questions to guide your interviews, the central question you're setting out to answer is: What do you see when you look out your window? This comes directly from Ghetto Life 101, where LeAlan and Lloyd literally look outside and describe the liquor stores, drug deals, violence, and huge numbers of people milling around with nothing to do.

I will show you some sample photos that I'm going to include in my project after I return from Thanksgiving vacation. I'm hope that you're thinking of you photos and interviews as much as I am!

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