Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Group Poem Experience

Sometimes, working as a whole group on a project can be more frustrating than working alone. Today, we had some issues with group dynamics during the process of creating and directing the group poem about Speak. Though this might have seemed like a failure to some of you, the fact that you were all able to persevere despite your differences in appraoch was a success to me. Ultimately, you created your photo stills and went through five or six recording "takes" in the course of one class period. And, we even had time for some SSR and to start the movie version of Speak. That's a lot!

You're going to have many, many more chances to come together as a team and engage in a creative process. I feel like you all did an amazing job in creating this project at such an early date in your high school experience. Next class, we'll continue watching Speak and I'll go over the Viewing Guide that you need to use to help us discuss the similarities and differences that exist between the movie and book version of the story.

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