Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special Announcement and Hunger Games Continued

Today we had a special announcement. I have been stressing over the fact that you are all loving The Hunger Games so very much and I wanted to continue on with the series, but our budget is gone and I couldn't afford to purchase Catching Fire all my myself. I had heard some other teachers talk about using the Donors Choose site, but I'd never really explored it on my own. This past Sunday, I took the leap and created an account and asked for help in getting a class set of Catching Fire. Within twenty-four hours, to my shock and wonder, we were completely funded and the books are now on their way. Thanks so much to the Donors Choose site and the amazing people who helped us sustain our excitement in reading this series!

With this exciting news in mind, we plowed right on into The Games. We watched as Katniss made some excellent choices and some pretty big mistakes. She took cover in the woods like Haymitch told her to, but found herself without any water and almost perished due to dehydration. She has not yet killed anyone, but we have reason to believe that Peeta has. Peeta has allied himself with the Careers and appears to be Katniss's greatest enemy. We ended with Katniss in a tree, surrounded by Peeta and the Careers at the bottom and Rue in the tree next to her. We'll have to see how she gets out of this one!

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