Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Long Way Gone: Chapters 6-8

Today, you're all going to be responsible for a chapter in A Long Way Gone. You're going to read your assigned chapter silently. You're then going to write a summary using three to five words from the chapter. At least one of the words needs to be one that you find; the others can come from the list I'll provide to you. After you've read your chapter, you're going to write a paragraph that summarizes what you've read. You'll use three to five vocab words in the paragraph to help focus your summary.

Remember that your classmates will not read the chapter that you're reading, so do a good job of summarizing your chapter. If you get stuck, please let me know.

Chapter Six Vocabulary Words:

patrolled pg 37

stranger pg 37

enemy pg 37

chaos pg 37

parables pg 38

spectator pg 41

Chapter Seven Vocabulary Words:

oblivious pg 44

ceremony pg 45

community pg 45

sorrow pg 46

pretending pg 48

After completing this activity, we'll discuss the events of each chapter. Then, we'll move on to reading chapter eight as a group. We'll also discuss whether you prefer to read silently or as a group. This will be important information for our Lit Circles.

PS. We did not finish chapter eight, but we did have a great discussion about chapters six and seven. We read to page fifty-two and even had some time to eat banana chips! Yum!

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