Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Speak imovie Day!

Today we worked to create our group imovie using our group poem as a script. The first step in this process was for you all to brainstorm, as a group, the content of your posters for the images for our imovie. Quickly, one of the boys in our class came up with an idea that we all agreed upon. He thought that we should keep the "me:" and "you:" structure contained in the novel. So, we split up into pairs and came up with "me" and "you" statements. You then created your posters and I took pictures. I've included some in this post.

The most exciting part of the class came when we all sat in a circle and read aloud the script. This process went through several revisions. Many of you stopped the group at critical moments and changed where we were headed. The changes all added up to a thoughtful, interesting imovie. I should have the final draft ready for you next class.

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