Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monster Vocabulary

Today we were introduced to some new vocabulary from our book, Monster. They were stenographer, reassurance, interject, and community. Rather than simply define the words independently, everyone was paired up (or put into a group of 3) and given one of the vocab words. Then, much like in a game of charades, each group acted out their word while the rest of the class tried to figure out which word it was and how to define it. People did a great job trying to show one another how each word works. For example, we had lots of friendly waving and greeting with community, and some pretty aggressive interruption for interjection.

Afterward, everyone went onto their blogs and posted about how they pantomimed their vocab word and defined two more words from the vocab list as well as related it to Monster. Here are a couple student blogs. Read them to check out their take on the lesson and vocabulary!

Student Blog 1

Student Blog 2

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