Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh The Places You'll Go!

As much as I want to bury my head and forget the fact that you are all seniors and are graduating, I know that I need to face facts and help to ready you for your futures. Last year, I came across a scholarship contest that's being offered by the Dr. Seuss Foundation. It's called the "Oh The Places You'll Go" Scholarship and it is based on the book of the same name. Whether or not you all plan on attending college, you are all going somewhere. Therefore, I decided that this would be a creative, fun way for us to all begin imaging your lives post-high school. Sniff, sniff.

So, I read the book to you today. Your only assignment is to think about where you're going and start to think about how you're going to show your journey in a scholarship essay. We'll start the pre-writing process next class. We also managed to read a bit of Catching Fire in today's class. We read to page ninety-nine. That's where we'll pick up on Wednesday!

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