Thursday, January 28, 2010

Webquest: The Puritans

Before we venture into the world of the American Puritans of the 1600's, we need to attempt to construct a vision of what life was like for the average Puritan person. Today's lesson will attempt to answer the question of what life was like for the average Puritan living in America during the late 1600's.

You will each have a site from which you must find 3-5 interesting facts. Make sure that you put each fact into your own words before posting your information.

Puritan Life and Religion

Puritan Life

Puritan Life in Salem Village

New England Goodwives

History of American Women

Puritan Children

Economic and Social Divisions

Religion and Witchcraft

After you've typed out your three to five facts, please post them in separate notes on this site.

If you finish early, you may try to upload an image that represents Puritan life. We will share our information if we have time today or next class.

Here is a link to our completed collection of facts and images.

Here is a list of the predictions you made about the expectations our characters will living under in The Crucible:

Keep opinions private
No showing emotions
Men are in charge
Outcasts are in danger
Women serve father & husbands
Children expected to behave like adults
Slaves expected to obey religion
Boys & girls were taught to read to the Bible
Only boys taught to write
Men and women sit separately
Women had no say
Church controls everything
Minister is a VIP
No music/ merriment in church
Church controls everything in town
Left England for more religious freedom
Not accepting of other religions

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