Monday, February 1, 2010

Historical Timeline and Morals-Based Think Pair Share

After taking notes on the history of the Salem Witch Trials, we used a Think-Pair-Share to talk about some difficult questions. These questions weren't difficult in the Einstein way or anything, they were challenging because they were related to our core morals and values. As several of you noticed, these questions are all intertwined and relate to our lives as well as the lives of our Salem 1692 counterparts.

What we did is this:

-We broke into pairs
-I gave each pair a pre-written question
-Pairs thought about and discussed the question
-Partners listened to the responses their peers offered
-One member per pair read the question aloud for the class
-Partners reported out for one another (not for themselves)
-After the original pair was done, other classmates were able to enter into the conversation

I thought that this activity would take twenty, thirty minutes tops. Well, I was happily surprised that you all really, really had a lot to say and that (most) of what you said related to the questions and to The Crucible. I photographed the questions and included them in this post.

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