Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How Do You Feel About Capital Punishment?

In today's Think-Tech-Share lesson, you're going to have a chance to research some actual cases where the verdict of capital punishment has been used. Then, you'll have a chance to give your opinion on capital punishment by offering up three reasons why you think Maine should or should not use this method. You'll post your comments here.

After you've all posted, you can look at one another's posts on the wallwisher site. After this, we'll come back and talk about our thoughts as a group.

* * *

Here are some notes I took as you all discussed your feelings/ thought about this activity and the sites we used today:

Thoughts about Texas site

-crimes seemed unfit for the punishment
-some crimes were gruesome
-made stomach sick
-gave chills
-punishment fit crime in most cases
-need heads-up before viewing site
-site helped to inform reasons for death penalty
-makes us think about reality
-not good to be shielded from reality

Thoughts about wallwisher

-you can post what you think and others can see it; not having to search through blogs
-character limit frustrating
-quicker than think-pair-share
-allow for quicker expression of thought
-can go back to look later because it’s online

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