Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alternate Cover and Book Summary: The Crucible

Today you're going to demonstrate your understanding of Arthur Miller's The Crucible by creating a book cover and synopsis (back of book summary) using our Critical Words.

To do this, you will first choose 5-7 of the Critical Words from the 10 that our group deems most important. Then, you will create a new book cover with the author's name on it, a new image, and the title in an appropriate font. You will get your image by choosing one of the Critical Words, entering the word into this site and then choosing an appropriate image. You will create your new cover in pages, take a screenshot, and upload your cover to your blog. This is where you will also post your book summary with your Critical Words.

This is going to be our final activity/ lesson over The Crucible--Be ready to start the Hunger Games unit when we return to school next week!

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