Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book of the Week

I've only read one other book by Terry Truman, but that one book is one I think about regularly. It's called Stuck In Neutral and it's about a boy who is silenced by cerebral palsy. I have a copy on the free reading shelf if you'd like to borrow it.

I don't know that No Right Turn will haunt me in the way that Stuck in Neutral has, but it definitely kept me hooked and interested to see where the story was going. No Right Turn starts with the main character, Jordan, recounting the day that his father committed suicide. Jordan was the last to see his father alive and the first to find him dead. This experience (understandably) affects the rest of Jordan's teen years. Jordan withdraws from his friends and isn't really able to talk about his father to his mother or anyone else.

Fast forward a few years. Jordan's mother starts to date a neighbor named Don. Don is pretty cool and drives a hot corvette. Jordan and Don bond a bit over the car, but Jordan yearns to be alone with the vette. After Don allows Jordan to drive the car, Jordan decides to sneak the car away from Don's house for a quick joyride. This one joyride turns into several. Jordan risks is health and his safety by pushing the speed limits of the car each time he takes it out.If this wasn't enough, he also has the most beautiful and popular girl at schoo believing that the vette is his. How can he tell he that it's not and go back to driving his mother's Honda? Will she pay any attention to him without the car? Will he continue to sneak the car away without Don knowing?

There is a bit of suspense included in this novel. It's a quick read, especially if you're into cars. There's a lot of talk about the corvette. If you're interested in reading this title, please look for it on the back shelves.

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