Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Human Misery in The Hunger Games

Continuing our study of dystopian societies, we started class by defining human misery (one of the seven characteristics of dystopia). Since the definition of this term is so complex, everyone wrote down what misery meant to them personally on their note cards.

Everyone then took a turn reading his/her personal definition, as I recorded key words on the board. Some words that seemed to best define misery were as follows: pain, suffering, anguish, major unhappiness/sadness, etc. We then read up through page 60 of The Hunger Games, bringing us right up to Chapter 5
. We also made sure to write down quotes that best portrayed instances of human misery within the novel, as we read.

After this, we referred back to the anticipation guide that we filled out prior to beginning the novel. We had a brief discussion about opinions changing after we took the time to reconsider each statement from any character's perspective, but we ran out of time due to our abbreviated schedule today. I hope to pick up on this next class!

-Ms. Audy

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