Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Poetry Month!

Today, we will continue reading Into the Wild while focusing on two essential questions: Where have you been? Where are you going? By reading about Chris McCandless' experience, what he left behind and what he ended up accomplishing, we will be able to make text-to-self connections and further explore the themes of adventure and personal journey.

Today is also the first day of National Poetry Month. All throughout this month, we will be reading poems, and putting them up against each other in a sort of tournament. Click here to find out more about this. Today, we will be reading two imagist poems--one by William Carlos Williams and one by Amy Lowell
. To define imagist poetry: "Imagism was a movement in early 20th-century Anglo-American poetry that favored precision of imagery and clear, sharp language" (Wikipedia). We will vote to see who the better imagist was, and this poet will move on to the next round of competition. May the best poet win!

-Ms. Audy

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