Friday, April 2, 2010

Responding With Pictures

In the past, I've posted a picture on wallwisher and asked you all to comment on it or write about what you see in that picture. Today, we're going to work backwards. You will read this poem and think about the message that the speaker it trying to send the reader. Specifically, think about the imagery of this poem. Then, you're going to isolate one or two words and find an image that corresponds to the word(s) you've chosen.

Here is a great site to find a photo. Simply type in the word you chose and a whole galaxy of photos will appear. Click on the planets to twist and turn them.

Once you've found your photo, you need to go to the wallwisher page for this activity and upload your image. Make sure to include the word that inspired your choice and your first name. You may choose more than one word to help demonstrate the message that this poem is sending to the reader!

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