Friday, April 2, 2010

Hunger Games and Pollution

Today was Poetry Friday, therefore, we started class off by reading Pitika Ntuli's poem In My Country. We found that the poem had a lot of themes in common with The Hunger Games, and discussed some text-to-text connections, as well as our thoughts on the societies described in both texts. If you weren't in class, make sure you click the link above to read this amazing poem.

Ms. Ferry came in today to introduce our next actitivy--she designed a bracket like sheet on which each person will predict what order the tributes will die in in The Hunger Games. As we meet each tribute in our readings, we are writing down things we learn about their disctrict, as well as how long we think they will last. When we get to the part of the book where the games take place, we will then record when each tribute really did get killed.

For our characteristic of dystopia, today we focused on pollution. It is important to understand that pollution can come in forms other than toxins being released into the environment. Pollution can also come in the form of noise pollution, body pollution, animal pollution, and mind pollution, we decided. We made sure to find quotes on pollution as we read.

And last, but not least, as we read today (up to page 70) we filled out a reading guide sheet. In the upcoming classes, I will be asking you to come up with questions about the novel which really require us to think about our opinions on certain aspects of the novel. Today, I modeled the types of questions I hope for you to ask. We didn't quite finish this, so we will be continuing this in an upcoming class.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the sunshine!
-Ms. Audy

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