Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Would (BLANK) Do?

At the beginning of our study of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, you all completed a survey of your feelings about several moral and ethical statements. An example statement is: "The difference between right and wrong is always clear". There were about ten of these questions that you all answered. We then shared our thoughts in a Think-Pair-Share. Our discussion was lively and helped us to predict the moral/ ethical dilemmas facing the characters in The Crucible.

On this lovely half-day, we returned to these questions. We are about to finish this play, so you all are familiar with the opinions, beliefs, and personalities of our main characters. So, I gave you all the same questions that you answered for yourself and answer for a character in the play. To do this, you to choose one from this list of characters:

John Proctor
Reverend Parris
Abigail Williams
Elizabeth Proctor

After taking the survey, you needed to choose two of the statements from the list and explain why you know that the character would answer the question in the manner you selected. Evidence from the play is key in defending your position. We will discuss your answers and finish (?) reading the play next class.

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