Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Double Entry Journals

There are two common assessments that all freshman students are expected to complete. One is the Five Paragraph Essay, which you all have written, and the other are the Double Entry Journals.

As we read Of Mice and Men, you all kept track of quotations that related the to cultural context, characterization, foreshadowing, symbolism, and other literacy elements in Of Mice and Men. Today, you put those quotations to use in the Double Entry Journal format. Basically, this common assessment is designed to see how well you are able to make connections within and outside of the text.

For cultural context DEJs, you need to prove that the culture of the time period impacted the plot and/or characters of the novel. For the others, you need to prove that the literary element exists in the book and demonstrate an understanding of the effect that this literary element had on your understanding of the novel and/or the characters.

From what I saw, you are all off to a great start. We will finish this assessment next class.

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