Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Text to True Life Connection

True Life is a popular documentary series on MTV. Over the course of the series, it has dealt with a ton of issues. One episode that came out last year clearly relates to Into the Wild. It's called True Life: "I'm Living Off the Grid".

In this episode, you'll meet a group of young people (and some older ones) who are looking to remove themselves from the wasteful trappings of our modern society. The two young people profiled in this documentary are taking part in a camp training that will teach them to live independently. To graduate from this program, trainees embark upon a weeks long trek into the wild.

As you're watching, Ms. Audy and I have worked to prepare a group of reflective questions that should help you connect this video to our book and to think about your own relationship with the environment. We'll discuss your reactions to the film using this guide to lead our discussion.

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