Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wrapping up Night

As we wrap up our study of Elie Weisel's Night, we must take a moment to reflect upon what we have read, and what we have taken from it. So much meaning is packed in this story--much of which is difficult to digest.

In your blogs, you will be using at least seven or more of the vocabulary words on our word wall to write about Night. First, you will write a paragraph summarizing what happened in Night. Make sure to provide a detailed overview, as if your audience has never heard of the book before. Make sure you state what the title of the book is as well as who the author is. You should also make sure to include the fact that this is Elie Weisel's true account of what happened to him. In a second paragraph, write your personal response to the story--how it made you feel, what you learned, etc. This should be a heartfelt response--think about all the emotions we felt and discussed as we read the novel. Do your best to convey how this novel really made you feel. Make sure to include a picture in your post to represent one of the vocabulary words you used in your summary or response.

-Ms. Audy

Here are some student sample posts:

Student 1

Student 2

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