Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Shakespeare

Before we dive into William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, you are all going to research a small facet of Shakespeare's life and times. For this webquest, you need to:

-click on your link
-choose four to six of the most important facts or ideas related to your topic
-rephrase or retype those facts into a blog post
-find a photo, drawing, or art piece related to your topic and upload it into your blog post
-make the title of your blog post the same as your topic
-write a sentence or two about one or two of the facts you've located (is this similar to today or different from today?)

Shakespeare's Biography

Shakespeare's Biography 2

Queen Elizabeth I and the Elizabethan Period

The Renaissance in Italy

The Plague

Elizabethan Sports

The Globe Theater

Elizabethan Women


Color of Clothing


Torture and Punishment




At the end of our class period, we'll have a short "Shakespeare By the Numbers" cupcake matching activity. Let's see how well you remember what you have learned in today's class!

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