Monday, April 5, 2010

Trashcan, Blender, and Fortune Teller

Today, in Senior English, we continued reading Into the Wild up to Chapter 4. We learned about the time Chris McCandless spent in South Dakota before his departure into the wilderness. Afterward, we made some text-to-self connections. We talked about the theme of journeys and how graduation is going to be the start of a huge journey for the seniors. We then thought about three specific aspects of this journey: things we look forward to, things we have mixed feelings about, and things we will be glad to leave behind. In the novel, we found that Chris was happy to dispose of material objects, as well as his privileged lifestyle, and the cruelness that exists within our society. He looked forward to experiencing a raw life full of adventure.

We used a giant graphic organizer to collect and sort our thoughts. Everyone had three sticky notes, and on each they personally looked forward to, things they had mixed feelings about, and things they will be happy to leave behind. Then, each person took a turn reading their stickies, and then sticking them to the appropriate picture. The trash can represented things to gladly leave behind. The blender stood for mixed feelings, and the fortune teller... I'm sure you get it. Happy Monday!

-Ms. Audy

Pretty creepy, huh?

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