Monday, May 3, 2010

Beginning Our Rebel Research

Today, after we read in The Hunger Games, we will perform an essential step in your upcoming project. Last class, we discussed the research project we are about to begin dealing with people who have somehow rebelled against society for a cause. Today, we will be spending some time reading about the people you will be completing these projects on. Below you will see the names, and a brief description of the people you will be able to choose from. We will first go over these as a class, then you will all have a few minutes to further research these people and decide who interests you the most. You will write your top three choices on a sticky note, along with your name, and you will find out next class who you will be completing your glog on.

We will also be making glogster accounts today. Please visit Glogster so I can walk you through this process.

Muhammad Ali: This African American boxer is not only a legend, but a rebel for sure. He rebelled by refusing to join the armed forces although he was drafted for the Vietnam war. This sparked a huge controversy and resulted in several trials. He also courageously fought for the cause of racial equality in a time far more intolerant than today.

Susan B. Anthony: This woman was a huge influence during the first wave of the feminist movement in the late 1800's. During a time where women had almost no voice, she was one of the first to speak up. Her greatest accomplishment was perhaps her role in the women's suffrage movement (giving women the right to vote).

Dolores Huerta: This woman fights for many causes, including racial and gender equality, but primarily, she is known for fighting for the rights of farm workers. She organizes protests and strikes to raise her voice against the often unfair treatment of these laborers.

Chief Joseph: This Native American Chief was the leader of his tribe who was supposed to be pushed out of their territory by white men. He lead a resistance which earned him the title of a rebel who changed the way our society is today.

Lena Horne: This actress/singer, popular during the 1930's and 1940's played a huge role in the American Civil Rights movement. Not only did she sing to fight discrimination based on race, but she also participated in the process of getting laws passed against lynching.

Cesar Chavez: Along with Dolores Huerta, this man is an activist for the ethical treatment of farm workers, organizing events and groups to address this issue.

Woody Guthrie: This man was a famous folk musician during the Great Depression who often sang songs with political themes, which were often left unaddressed during the time period in which he was popular. Many of his songs are still popular today, including, "This Land is Your Land."

Nawal El Sadaawi: This Egyptian woman rebels by writing books that reveal some of the controversial aspects of Islamic culture, such as female genital mutilation. She writes as a means of fighting for the equal rights of women by raising awareness, and remains an active contributor to the feminist movement.

Jonathan Kozol: This man was a teacher who lost his job for simply teaching a poem by poet Langston Hughes, and as a result, became an advocate for civil rights. He fights for civil rights by writing awareness raising books, and by running a foundation which benefits the cause.

Ralph Nader: This politician has run for president on more than one occasion, representing the Green Party and more recently the Independent party. He fights for many causes promoting social change, and is pretty well known for his strong views on a variety of political issues.

Suu Kyi: This woman is the Prime Minister of Burma, who has also been on house arrest for the majority of her time in office due to unfair circumstances. She rebels by hanging onto her political role in a country with so many political prisoners.

Sojourner Truth: This remarkable woman fought for women's rights as well as the end of slavery during the mid 1800's--both were extremely difficult causes to fight for with the political climate during those times.

Jane Goodall: This woman is an animal rights activist who also holds the title of a UN Messenger of Peace. She has done extensive work with the study of primates and is the founder of the famous Jane Goodall Institute, the mission of which is to improve treatment of animals.

Paul Robeson This celebrity of the 1920's fought for peace and civil rights during a time where people of his race had little of either. His voice was influential due to his popularity as an actor and singer.

Ida B. Wells: This woman fought for civil rights for African Americans and women by performing activism surrounding the issues of lynching and woman's suffrage.

Margaret Chase Smith: This woman, from Maine, was the first woman to be elected to the Senate, during the 1940's. This was a huge accomplishment, especially considering that women still had far less rights during this time period.

Noam Chomsky: This highly educated man is famous for a variety of accomplishments, especially in the field of linguistics. However, he is a rebel for his political standpoint as an anarchist.

Rachel Carson: This woman was one of the first to address issues dealing with the environment during the 1950's. She was a marine biologist famous for her eye-opening research and writing.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: This woman was one of the powerful women who drafted the Declaration of Sentiments in the late 1800's which was seen as one of the first pushes for gender equality in the first wave feminist movement. This document listed the ways in which women are not fairly treated as well as demanded certain rights be granted to women.

Hissa Halal: This female poet from Saudi Arabia rebels in her poetry which addresses oppression and many other themes unspoken of in the country she lives in. She is very courageous to do this in a country where women do not have much power, and much of what she says is considered extremely controversial where she is from. She is on a reality TV show called Million's Poet, which has been described as similar to our reality show, American Idol.

-Ms. Audy

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