Thursday, May 13, 2010

Choosing the Perfect Title

One of the hardest, yet most important part of writing an effective piece is choosing a title that will lead into your writing. One writer who is especially skilled in developing interesting, creative titles for her writing is Sandra Cisneros. In The House on Mango Street, Cisneros has a variety of vignettes with a whole plethora of titles. Today's mini lesson focused on looking at the types of titles Cisneros uses and thinking about how we can apply her ideas when we create our own original titles. Here is a visual of some of the vignettes we've read thus far:As you think about writing your vignettes and pulling your parts together to make a cohesive whole, keep in mind that your titles should reflect the creativity and variety of your experiences.

After this mini lesson, you all had some time to write, edit, and get some feedback on your "Name" and "Street" vignettes. Some of you have finished pieces after today's lesson and have passed them in. Please try and get your work turned in soon so that we can put your vignette projects together. Good work today. I read all sorts of great creative writing.

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