Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Wreath for Rue and Glogs, Continued

As much as I love the Hunger Games, reading about Rue's death just kills me. I really feel for Katniss when she must come to terms with the fact that Rue is dead and that she is now alone in the Games. Actually, Katniss comes to some even larger realizations. She sees that the Capital will not stop, that there is no such thing as "winning" because the Capital is controlling everything and everyone, even Katniss. Out of this realization comes a small rebellion. It seems small, but Katniss's choice to construct a wreath for Rue shows that she will mourn the passing of her friend. Not with continued bloodshed, but with flowers. Not what the Capital wants to show the home audience.

At the very end of the chapter, there is a special announcement: Two tributes from the same district can win the Games together if they survive. Katniss immediately shouts out Peeta's name. I love this part!

After reading, you all had about forty minutes to work on your glogs. I am super impressed with the appearance of your pages and the information that you've provided on them. We'll work to finish the glogs next week (or the week after because of that pesky SAT comp day). Good work today!

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