Friday, May 14, 2010

Poetry Friday: Love/ Hate Songs, Reconstructed

This week, you all worked to choose songs that would represent your predictions for Romeo and Juliet if they had stayed alive. Where would their relationship have been if they had lived into their twenties? Would they still be madly in love, would they resent each other, or would they have completely forgotten about each other and moved on to someone else?

Today, you all worked with the lyrics from your poems. I split you all up into groups of three and you worked to take the words and phrases of your songs and thread together to create a found poem. You were grouped based on your predictions and your opinions of which songs would work best together. The results were outstanding!

Here is one student sample (re-created by three talented 9th grade ladies) that I thought embodied the true essence of this lesson:

This song was created using "found" lines and words from the following songs: "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, "Check Yes Juliet" by We Three Kings, and "Today Was a Fairy Tale" by Taylor Swift. Good work!

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