Friday, May 14, 2010

Poetry Friday: Your "Society"

In honor of Poetry Friday, we're going to take a song from the Into the Wild movie soundtrack are rewrite it. Not that Eddie Vedder made any mistakes in the songs he wrote. They're perfect. But, they are written about Christopher McCandless's experiences. I want your new song/ poem to reflect your life experience.

First, we're going to listen to Vedder's song "Society". Next you'll take the original lyrics to this song and rewrite them with details about your life, and how you feel about leaving. What are you leaving? School, friends, teachers, basically most of what you've known for the past thirteen years. Some of you are even planning to leave home. I want your new song to reflect the feelings and emotions you have about this new adventure that you're all about to embark upon. Just as Vedder pours out his soul in this song, so should you in yours.

Here is a student sample blog post for this Poetry Friday activity.

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