Monday, June 7, 2010

What's Your Cause?

In today's reading of The House on Mango Street, we read about Esperanza's plan to give back to the homeless once she makes it out of her neighborhood. In this vignette, she laments that "those who live closest to the stars forget about those who live on the earth". I love this sentence; it's probably one of my favorites in the entire text.

For your vignette, I asked you all to think about a cause that you would want to give back to if you had the opportunity. Here are some of your blog posts on this topic:

"My Cause"

"My Cause" (Another one!)

"To Cancer I Say"

"Giving Back"

I was impressed with the array of "causes" you all wrote about. Make sure that you post your response to your blog soon if you have not already; we're running out of time for this project and this school year!

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