Thursday, September 16, 2010

HATE is a Four Letter Word

Today we talked about anti-Semitism. It seems like a term that we'll need to know as we're reading about the Holocaust. Some of you already knew what this word meant, others of you had never heard it. We will hear this term used in Night and in reference to The Merchant of Venice when we read that play.

At the root of this term is hate. Hatred of Jews. But, there are all sorts of hate. In today's reading of Night, Wiesel admits that he still hates the Hungarian police who loaded his family and other Jews onto cattle cars and deported them all to death camps. He hates them. And some of us agreed that he has every right to.

For your belief statement today, I would like you to write about the word hate. Is it an emotion that you feel often? Do you use the word sparingly or are your sentences peppered with it? Do you feel like you are a hateful person? Or are you working to let go of hate?

Whatever direction you take today's belief statement, I'd like you to focus on this one short word. Four letters. Lots of different uses.

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