Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Speak: How's Melinda Feeling?

We've been reading Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak for a couple of classes now. We're far enough into the book that we see how Melinda is feeling bullied at school, disconnected at home, and alienated from her former friends.

In today's reading, we watched as Melinda was physically attacked by a pair of girls at the pep rally. This comes right after Melinda finds an abandoned janitor's closet, which she has decided to make into her hiding spot. It's almost like we got to see her as happy and feeling safe and then what little peace and comfort she had was ripped away. Hopefully, we'll see a change in her life soon.

After we read in today's class, I wanted you all to have a chance to express yourselves in a creative, abstract manner. To do this, we used Legos. You each had the chance to choose some shapes/ colors and to arrange them in an abstract manner. With your creation, I wanted you to show how Melinda is feeling after the first few weeks of school. We are going to use these photos and the explanations that you wrote about your creations in our first blog entry next week.

Here are some of your photos. I'll let you explain them next week. I just wanted to share a few of them because they are all so very cool!

Great job. I was impressed at how quickly and easily you all came up with your abstract representation. No two designs were alike! Amazing.

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