Friday, September 24, 2010

Poetry Friday: "The Little Boy WIth His Hands Up"

As we talked about in class today, WWII is one of the first wars to have huge amounts of photo documentation to show the horrors and realities that the victims of the Holocaust experienced. There are hundreds (possibly thousands of images) that survived this war, even if the people in them did not.

Today, we looked at one of the most powerful images that I've ever seen. It's of a little boy who seems to have been separated from his family during the evacuation of a Jewish ghetto. We looked at this image in class and had a discussion about how this boy must have felt as the picture was taken. Here is the photo:
And then we read Yala Korwin's poem titled "The Little Boy With His Hands Up."  As I read this poem aloud, you all circled words/ phrases that stood out to you as powerful or important. Additionally, you all combed this poem for lines and imaged that relate to our current read, Night.We collected all of your words and observations on the board and had a wonderful discussion about this poem and Night.

We'll continue our study of Night next week.

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