Monday, September 8, 2008

Government Philosophy Project

An allegory is a type of extended metaphor where characters in the book are representative of people outside of the book. These characters are used as a commentary on actual events and people. Animal Farm is an allegory where the animals in the story represent various political figures and styles of government. To better comprehend the message that Orwell is sending to us as readers, we're going to research types of governments and create mock campaigns. The categories of governments we'll study are:


You'll work in groups to form your campaign for your type of government. As indicated in the handout I gave you about this project, you'll need to put a positive or convincing spin on your type of government during your presentation. Why? Because we're going to vote for the type of government that we each think had the best campaign and the most convincing presentation. So, make sure to find the good in whatever government you and your group are working to promote!

Also, we took a quiz over chapter 1 in Animal Farm, so if you were absent, make sure to see me about a time to complete this assignment!

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