Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Book Buzz Presentation Artifacts & Monster Readings/ Journal Entry #1

For the first part of today's class, we talked about and planned out what we're going to create as artifacts for our Book Buzz presentations. An artifact is something that you use while giving a presentation to your audience. For instance, you could use a poster, a mobile, a character scrapbook, a piece of art you created for the presentation, or a memory box. There are many other types of artifacts you could use. Today, though, you needed to narrow your choices down to one. This artifact should help you with your presentation. It is not something that you will just hold up after you're done presenting and say, "This is my project" and be done.

Your artifact is due next Monday (October 6th). Make sure that you have it in class on that day.

After you all planned out all of your artifacts, we transitioned on to working on our first journal entry and reading more of Monster. Our first journal entry over Monster covers Steve's first journal entry on pages one through five. The topic of this entry is the Five W's. You need to answer the Who, What, When, Where, and Why covered in Steve's first entry. Remember, we're looking to have thoughtful, creative entries that will help demonstrate a complete understanding of this text.

Once you were all finished with your entry, we read/ acted out scenes from Monster to page thirty-six. You all did a great job reading your lines. We had lots of great discussion about the angles that the attorneys used to convince the jury of their clients' innocence in their opening statements. we also clarified some of the legal jargon used in the text. There will be lots more as the trial continues!

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