Thursday, October 2, 2008

If You Can't Take the Heat...

I guess don't come to English class when we're discussing politics!

Wow. We had an eighty-minute discussion. Crazy! I had planned all kinds of wonderful, mind-enriching activities today, but we got to almost none of them! You may think that this frustrated me, but you would be wrong. This was the best thing to happen to me all day!

We had an awesome discussion. Almost all of you spoke up about something and many of you had passionate, informed opinions about all kinds of political issues. YAY!

So, I'm going to list the areas/ issues we talked about in class. Next class, we're going to do more than talk-- We're going to vote for the candidate we think will best represent us and our beliefs.

Here's what we discussed:

Roe v. Wade (Abortion rights)
Gun Control
Gay Marriage
Economics/ The Economy
Euthanasia (Assisted Suicide)
Death Penalty
Stem Cell Research/ Cloning
Gas Prices
War in Iraq
Drilling in Ocean and Alaska
Equal Pay for Women and Men
Health Care

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