Thursday, November 20, 2008

End of Act II, Extra Scene & Character Assignments

For a while there, it was getting increasingly difficult to make sure that you all had a chance to read and that you all had the opportunity to learn about specific characters in depth. So, with the help of Ms. Blackstone (the literacy lady from last week), I have created a chart that matches all of you with at least one character from The Crucible

The character assignments are divided into lead roles and understudy roles. All of you have one lead and most of you have an understudy assignment as well. Before we started our reading of Act II, I posted your assignments on the board. I regret that I could not give you all your own personal handout listing your character assignments, but the network was down today throughout our school and I could not make any photocopies all day long. Grrr. 

I was pleased at how readily you all took to this system. It caused less interruption because you all knew who you were supposed to be. I saw a glimpse of how well this idea was working when a student was called to the office. The next time that absent student was supposed to read, his understudy jumped right in for him without any sort of reminder. Good job!

As for the actual reading, I am amazed at the emotion and intonation that some of you are able to put into your reading.  I have to say that Bryan's portrayal of a distraught Giles Corey was not only believable, but I wondered if Bryan was actually crying! This ability to put yourself into the mindset of your character will help you when we start to do some character analysis activities. 

After class, a couple of you approached me about the possibility of us using the stage in the auditorium during class time to do some on-stage acting. I can definitely look into this and get back to you. The stage is often in use but there may be a couple of opportunities for us to get some stage time. Good suggestion. 

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