Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ms. Serrantino had an entertaining and helpful review activity planned for us today. We used our roots and suffixes and our sample words to create a bingo board and bingo chips. We spent a bit of time developing the materials to play this game. After we were done constructing our materials, we played bingo several times. You all did a good job keeping up with the game and five or six of you won a round or two. I included a couple of pictures of your boards in this BLOG entry.

After we played, we brainstormed ways to make this activity more efficient. You came up with these suggestions:

-We should play bingo AFTER we do the matching activity we used last Wednesday before our test
-Students should only find dictionary words that others will probably know (no words like "antipodal")
-There should be a "free" space on the board
-No one should talk during the game because it's distracting

Also, we brainstormed other games we could adapt for future vocabulary reviews:

-Go Fish
-Poker (and other card games)

These were helpful suggestions and I'll definitely keep them in mind while I'm planning activities! Thanks!

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Delighted Scribbler said...

I like your bingo prefix and suffix activity. Maybe I'll try it out as well.