Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vocabulary Quiz, Chapter Two, and Bindles

We accomplished quite a bit today. First, we completed the quiz for vocabulary list #3. We were supposed to have this quiz last Friday, but we had a snow day. Too bad, I know. For this quiz, you were allowed to use your memory posters you'd created last Wednesday. These are the little posters with the root word and a picture representing the word. This should help to serve to jog your memory during the quiz if your memory needs jogging.

Next, we finished reading chapter two in Of Mice and Men. As we were reading, we looked for for examples of foreshadowing and for characterization clues about our new characters, Slim and Carlson. For Slim, we came up with the following characterization:

jerkline skinner
long black hair
walks with grace
prince of the farm (but unlike Curley)
people admire him
he has majesty
people ask him about politics and love
quiet and keeps to himself
polite and friendly
cares for animals
knows a lot about farming
authority figure in a good way (not like Curley)

And for Carlson, you came up with the following:

deep voice
makes jokes
hates Candy's dog
tries to help
somewhat thoughtful, though doesn't always seem like it

For predictions, you mostly agreed with your previous thoughts about Lennie getting into some sort of trouble. 

After we finished reading chapter two, we moved on to the Bindle Project. We talked again about the items George carries in his bindle and what a bindle is. Then, we brainstormed (first silently and then as a group) the items you all might carry in a bindle if you were a migrant worker. Some of the items you brainstormed as a class are:

pictures of family/ friends
blood sugar test
lighter/ matches
jug or bottle for water
flashlight/ lantern
comb/ brush
folding shovel

These are all useful items to have with you. After we completed the group brainstorm, you all had to narrow your list down to the ten most valuable items for your bindle. You wrote these items on little slips of paper that will be included in your bindle when we make them next class. Before we make the bindles, though, you needed to write your two-paragraph explanation. In this blog entry, I have included pictures of the two questions you need to answer in these paragraphs.  We will put this all together next class and share a bit of what you wrote. 

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